Maxi salad dressings and other condiment sauces

A rich selection of flavors for retailers, restaurants and large kitchens

Maxisauce Ltd has been a Finnish manufacturer of salad dressings and condiments for 30 years. Our product range includes the deliciously famous Maxi salad dressings, which are currently available in an extensive selection of 11 flavors. The product sizes vary from a 1 kg bottle to 3 and 5 kg tubs. In addition, the Mustard, Red and Pizza sauces are available in 10 kg tubs.

Our product range also includes the popular and hearty Maxi Helsinki range products. Helsinki Mustard, Ketchup and Chili Ketchup are available in consumer-friendly 360 g and 500 g bottles. Mustard is also available in a traditional 125 g tube.

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We are a friend of the environment that cherishes quality

The salad dressings and other condiments are made from raw ingredients that are as natural as possible, cultivating abundantly rich flavors, and with care to ensure the best quality.

We adhere to green principles in our production because we value not only our customers but the well-being of the environment.

We guarantee reliable deliveries and consumer-friendly prices. Contact us and ask more about our products; we’re happy to answer any questions.