Maxisauce Ltd

30 years in the world of salad dressings and condiment sauces.

We are a 30-year-old family company that began making mustards and condiment sauces in Lauttasaari in the formative years of its business. Over the course of the years, there have been as many as ten different mustard brands in production, such as Necktie Mustard, Tough Boys’ Mustard and Mals Hot One. The result of the latest development is Maxi's Helsinki Mustard, which is a slightly sweet, strongly mustard-flavored mustard. Maxi's Helsinki Mustard feels like it’s home-made and it suits nearly all taste preferences.

Today our company is specialized in the manufacturing, sales and marketing of salad dressings, condiment sauces, mustards, ketchups and garlic. A certified quality system is used in production, the ISO 22000 and EURO standard. Our products contain as little salt and sugar as possible and there is an appropriate amount of canola oil in our salad dressings, about 25–30 %.

Maxisauce Ltd has good cooperative partners and a large distribution network. Our customers are mainly lunch restaurants, large kitchens and retailers.

The products are of extremely high quality and priced in a consumer-friendly way. The range is comprehensive and deliveries are reliable. Find out about our products and contact us!